Branding Advice From Starbucks

Branding Advice From Starbucks

Starbucks’s Vice President of Brand, Chris Bruzzo, presented at Mashable’s Media Summit last week. Bruzzo spent his presentation explaining how Starbucks uses social media platforms to communicate and engage with their consumers. Here are some tips he shared:

Ask yourself, what do our fans want? If your brands consumers have particular issues, questions and even complaints you can use that information to help improve your brands image and sales. Starbucks created an online space, My Starbucks Ideas, where customers can submit ideas. The coolest part, Starbucks, takes those ideas and implements them in stores throughout the U.S.

Another great tip Bruzzo shared was the importance of taking your digital campaigns and bringing them to your physical store. If you have a brick and mortar space take an online campaign and bring it to your store as well. Starbucks did this with their Free Pastry Day campaign.

Thanking your customers and social media fans is one of the most important things a brand must remember to do. Bruzzo stressed this near the end of his presentation. While Starbucks has come up with great campaign ideas and has implemented them well it is really the fans of this brand who are responsible for all their success.

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