Beauty and Bloggers

Beauty and Bloggers

As many of you know Smashyn is a consulting firm that focuses on social media and the beauty industry. As such, we want to share the most current happenings in the social media and beauty industries. The article below was recently published in the July, 2010 issue of Beauty Store Business. In this article author, Linda Kossoff, provides helpful tips on how to use the beauty bloggers to grab the attention of your consumers.

Grab the attention of consumers by partnering with one of their biggest influences: the beauty blogger

Remember when businesses first discovered that being associated with a celebrity could push their profits through the roof? In the 1970’s, the owner of a local watch repair or dry cleaners establishment would hang a famed actor’s 8-by-10 glossy on the wall, hoping that customers would see it and thing, “Well, if this place is good enough for Erik Estrada of CHiPs, it’s good enough for me.”  This simple marketing strategy ultimately gave way to more sophisticated celebrity endorsements in print and on the big and small screens. And the concept still works.

But how many business owners can garner the support of a popular celebrity? And, perhaps more to the point, would today’s sophisticated consumer really believe that a television actor is an expert on dry cleaning?

Enter a new kind of celebrity: the Internet blogger. For many businesses, achieving a mention – or better yet, a thumbs-up – on a popular blog yields better results than any conventional celebrity endorsement. Why?

  • Consumers trust people who seem to be their peers, as opposed to wealthy stars who are likely being compensated for their endorsements.
  • Consumers get to see not only the blogger’s opinions, but those of other consumers who write in their comments, adding to the trust factor.
  • The global access of the Internet provides limitless exposure potential.

This article was originally published in Beauty Store Business but is not longer available online.

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