Deposit Checks With Just 2 Clicks From Your iPhone

Deposit Checks With Just 2 Clicks From Your iPhone

Have you been meaning to deposit a check lately, but haven’t found the time? It’s never fun to have anything hanging over your head, especially uncashed MONEY. Recently, we came across  something that will definitely make your life easier.

Chase has added some cool new features to their mobile banking application for Iphone. The new features include being able to deposit a check through your Iphone camera. (How cool is that?)

So we haven’t seen it in action but this is how Chase says it works. First open up the app, and take a picture that is clear of the front and back of the check. (Don’t forget to sign the back!)

The application will then determine the amount and whether the check is valid. After verifying this, you can deposit the money into the account.

However Chase is not the first bank to do this. USAA, a privately held bank tried the application about a year ago. But since USAA isn’t a staple banking institution this application hasn’t gained the popularity that the Chase Mobile Banking will.

As for the security of using this system, Chase suggests voiding those checks after “deposting” them through the mobile app.

So will you switch to Chase just for easier check deposits?? What bank will be next to hop on the technology bandwagon??

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