Facebook is Adding More Features to the Like Button

Facebook is Adding More Features to the Like Button

Comment on What You Like

Now, there will be an iFrame version of the Like button, which will allow you to share the bigger story with the user’s friends.

Connect with Specific Users

Facebook encourages websites who people may want to connect with, such as a brand or product, to send out relevant updates to its connected users. For example, for those who have liked a specific product, send out a targeted special to them only.


Facebook recently added the ref and source parameters allowing testing and optimization for the use of the Like button on your website. This will easily allow you to do a/b tests of placement and types of the Like button.

Know Where They’re Clicking on Facebook

When using the ref parameter, you can also add a fb_source parameter to find out which type of stream it is, and where the click happened. Facebook filters the URLs to protect user privacy. It removes personal information while still exposing the anonymous source.

To add the new Like Button Feature and learn more…Click here!

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