How To Create a Facebook Fanpage & Secure Personalized URL

How To Create a Facebook Fanpage & Secure Personalized URL

Personalizing your social media platforms is an essential part of branding your company or business. This should include securing a personalized Facebook Fanpage URL.

First, create a Facebook Fanpage for your business:

1- Visit this LINK to start your companies Fanpage

2- Be sure to categorize your Fanpage correctly: Local Business, Brand, Artist etc…

3- Pick a page name. Be careful because once you name your page you will not be able to change it.

4- Thats it! Be sure you’re creating an official page and NOT a community one.

After you have created the right Facebook Fanpage you must get 25 people to Like your page. We would suggest you reach out to employees, friends and family to secure your first 25 likes.  Once you have the 25 needed likes follow these simple instructions:

1- Visit

2- Here you can set a personal URL for your profile page AND your Pages. Be sure you select Pages and NOT your personal Facebook profile.

3- Select the Fanpage you want to set a personalized URL for and then type in the URL.

Be sure you like the Fanpages name and URL because once you pick them, as of now, there will be no way to go back and change either of these.

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