How To Use YouTube in Your Social Media Campaign

How To Use YouTube in Your Social Media Campaign

At SFIMA there were several tracks you could attend. One included a great presentation by Murray Izenwasser on YouTube, on how important video is in the social media world.

According to @MurrayIz marketers rely too much on popular social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Instead of concentrating all of your energy on these social sites, Murray suggests first putting your energy into supporting platforms, such as video sharing, image sharing, blogs, and social bookmarking.

We at Smashyn agree that social sites like YouTube play an essential role in a successful social media campaign. Up until recently YouTube was the second largest search engine behind Google. Only days ago it was bumped to third place by Twitter.

If your company is at all interested in increasing SEO, providing helpful information to clients/customers, or being viewed as a leading social media company, social media platforms like YouTube must be integrated into your plan.

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