Its Been A Great Week In Social Media

Its Been A Great Week In Social Media

This week has been full of amazing social media news! Rather than recreate the wheel we suggest you check out the following links:

Social Media Intern:

Our very own Rachel Solimini started a blog all about being a social media intern. This should be a fun and educational read for those who want to follow someone through their social media career from day one.

The Associated Press Stylebook Adds 42 New Guidelines For Social Media:

Check out Mashable to find out all the newest changes and additions to the AP Press Stylebook. This should be helpful for anyone writing about Social Media. Plus, you can download the entire book for FREE!

90 + Essential Social Media Resources

Again, Mashable gets two thumbs up from us for providing great social media resources all in one place. This list includes articles written by our Social Media Director, Meaghan Edelstein.

A Guide to Facebook Social Plugins for Small Businesses

Super helpful article for small businesses who want to implement all the latest Facebook social plugins.

We hope you find these resources as helpful as we did. If you know of any we may have missed please leave a comment with the URL and we will check it out!

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