Mashable Summit Ricky Van Veen

Mashable Summit Ricky Van Veen

SMASHYN attended the first ever Mashable Summit at Time Square Center in NYC this past Tuesday. It was a great event with top notch speakers, a movie star and even an Oprah moment. Some of you may have even watched via live stream. But, if you weren’t lucky enough to attend or watch we will be posting about some of the best speakers and most useful advice over the next couple days.

Ricky Van Veen co-founder of shared some excellent information on videos. Here are some of the tips he shared:

1– Make good branded content: don’t simply upload videos for the sake of doing it. First think, why would anyone watch this video?

2-Be flexible. This can sometimes be hard for those larger corporations but its important.

3-Try to be edgy and different. Here is a great video from that is both: Unanswered Lost Questions.

4-Polls show 35% of viewers leave your video after 30 seconds so get to the point and quickly.

5-Give people a reason to share your video. Think about the person watching the video when making it.  What would motivate your viewer to show their friends & family? If you can’t answer why your viewer would want to share they probably won’t.

6-Keep it short, 2-3 minute video’s work the best.

7-Provide Clear titles so people can find your video.

8-Put your hook in the first 20 seconds of the video.

These tips should help increase your video visibility.  Remember, people watch video because they want to be entertained. Being fun, innovative and having good brand personality will help improve video subscription and maybe even get one of your videos to go viral.

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