Social Media Platforms & Your Brand

Social Media Platforms & Your Brand

Building a social media presence takes time and thought. What are your goals, who is your audience, what messages do they respond to and how should those messages be delivered are just a few questions you should consider before building a social media empire. Here are some quick tips on what different platforms have to offer.


Most brands immediately think of Facebook when they consider starting to build a social media campaign. When building a Facebook presence be careful and selective.  There are several platforms within Facebook you can use and each has different capabilities and drawbacks. There are Fanpages, Profiles, Groups, Community Pages and more. Which one is right for your business?


Blogs are great for several reasons. First, you can post daily using key words which will increase your brands SEO.  Blogging also provides a unique opportunity to share information with your consumers on a daily basis. Whether you use Blogger or WordPress implementing your brands own reporting platform is a smart way to go.


It takes some work but Twitter can help you drive traffic to your various other social media platforms and website. Before you start “Tweeting” make sure you build up your presence on other platforms like blogs and Facebook. Twitter is all the rage but without a place to direct your followers it will be hard to increase your social media presence using just Twitter. 


YouTube is one of the most useful and underused social media platforms.  In fact, YouTube is one of the top 3 most used search engines. Many people enjoy watching video instead of reading.  You may feel more comfortable writing, tweeting and updating but if you leave YouTube out of your social media plan you could be missing out.

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