Social Media: What We Learned At SFIMA Conference

Social Media: What We Learned At SFIMA Conference
Over all this was an insightful conference with some great speakers.  However, one major problem was the lack of internet service at the conference. Having a social media conference without internet access doesn’t make a lot of sense.  But, instead of focusing on a rather big pitfall we will share some of the most helpful tips:

Keynote speaker Mitch Joel was fantastic. Many of you may know Mitch Joel as the author of  Six Pixels Of Separation or maybe you’ve heard him speak at another conference. Here are some great pieces of advice @MitchJoel shared during Fridays SFIMA Conference.

Tip #1:

Since in 2007 the number of people clicking on banner ads has dropped by a whopping 50%. What does this tell us? The way marketing works has changed dramatically and if you want to successfully brand your company social media platforms needs to be part of your plan.

As a marketer you play every single role in the media realm when running social media. You are the one who creates the channel, content and controls the distribution.  Because of this you must pay close attention to the entire social media campaign and can no longer just focus on one aspect.

TIP #2:

It might be surprising to hear that negative reviews convert higher for sales. Why you ask? TRUST! Consumers trust companies who allow them to post negative reviews.  If you are willing to put up unfavorable feedback it shows your company is trustworthy.  Further, your company can reply to these negative comments with helpful solutions, apologies and other information.

Tip #3:

Half of the YouTube audience is over the age of 34.  If you think your demographic isn’t using social media because they are not teenagers think again. Its likely the people you want to target are in fact using many social media platforms.

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