Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

If your company is using Twitter to connect with customers there are some things you should keep in mind.


  • Its important to favorite tweets, RTs and mentions that you consider most representative and favorable for your brand.  Many tweeters will click on your favorites to see what you are all about, who supports you, what you tweet about etc….
  • Do not over use Favorites. If you favorite too much you may hide some of your older, best, favorites but on the other hand make sure you do favorite those tweets that you want people to notice.  Be selective when choosing favorites.

Public Lists:

  • Your twitter handle is followed by the name of your lists. Because of this you should be selective in choosing list titles.
  • Lists are an example where being cautious, selective and consistent is important. If you create a list but do not put anyone on it, or only a very few tweeters, it can demonstrate that you are not consistent or putting time or effort into your lists. On the other hand you should not just add anyone to your lists because that would devalue the list.
  • Be careful that tweeters on your lists are good matches.  For example a twitter list titled social media consultants should contain only tweeters who are social media consultants.


  • If you notice you are not getting mentions you should change your approach with regards to what you’re tweeting. Try asking questions or responding to tweets. The goal is to engage and some things will work while others wont. Don’t get frustrated just try a new approach and pay attention to what types of tweets are getting you mentions.

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