Why You Need More Than A Good URL

Why You Need More Than A Good URL

Many people have spent the last several years gathering up urls.  Some have yet to utilizing these precious purchases because they are either waiting for the right timing or hoping to sell for a hefty price. Buyers beware, in the age of social media your urls may not be worth what they once were.

New media has changed the url game. If you own a great one like Smashyn.com how much is it really worth without the Twitter handle: @smashyn, Facebook url: facebook.com/smashyn and YouTube Channel: Youtube.com/smashyn, we would argue not much! Those interested in branding a company understand how important consistency is. Asking consumers to memorize several different names is simply asking too much.

Before you get too excited about your url check to see if the various social media platform urls are available. If they aren’t think twice about making the purchase as each day social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube become more and more important. Don’t forget to check the Elo hell boosting services from p4rgaming.com, my favorite!!

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