At Smashyn we understand the importance of branding. What your company projects, how people view it and the way it uses various social sites all contribute to

creating brand image. Our strong understanding of both the beauty and skincare market, as well as, how different social media platforms work gives us an advantage when it comes to branding.

Creating and maintaining a strong brand image through new media requires a deep knowledge of social platforms and their users. From what Twitter handle works best to the types of posts, videos and updates your demographic responds to, we take everything into consideration in order to craft the right brand image for your company.

Because the new media world is a transparent one, its imperative the voice behind your brand is both authentic and effective. At SMASHYN we work directly with our clients to gain a full understanding of their brand and goals. We make sure to blend the socials media branding with traditional media. Unlike other media consulting firms, we take the time to view our client from every angle so that we can create a cohesive online brand image for you.

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