New Media

Incorporating new media technologies is fundamental to growing your brand. We can unravel how your brand fits in the social media realm then design and implement both broad and targeted campaigns to increase visibility. At Smashyn we know the health and beauty market and all things social media. As a boutique firm specializing in health and beauty we have an advantage over the larger less focused new media consultants.

At Smashyn we are selective when choosing which clients to work with. Our goal is to provide quality, unique and creative new media that fits the mission of your brand. What works for one company may not work for another. Our social media savvy team consists of graphic designers, programmers and leading social media experts, as well as, trained estheticians.



Most brands immediately think of Facebook when they consider starting to build a social media campaign. When building a Facebook presence be careful and selective. There are several platforms within Facebook you can use and each has different capabilities and drawbacks. There are Pages, Profiles, Groups and the newest, Communities. Which one is right for your brand? Our team of experts will analyze your brand and your competitors to select the right Facebook presence for you.



Blogs are great for several reasons. First, you can post daily using key words which will increase your brands search engine optimization(SEO). Blogging also provides a unique opportunity to share information with your consumers on a daily basis. Whether using Blogger or WordPress implementing your brands own reporting platform is a smart way to go and Smashyn’s experienced graphic designers and programmers will build and run a unique blogging platform that best represents your brand.



Twitter can help drive traffic to your various social media platforms and website. Part of building a presence on Twitter requires targeting your brands demographic. This takes time and a strong understanding of what audience you want to reach. Once you have an appropriate audience the right messages must be crafted. Because Smashyn works solely with beauty and skincare brands we have unlimited access to those interested in hearing your messages and understand them.



YouTube is one of the most useful and underused social media platforms. In fact, YouTube is one of the top three most used search engines. Many people enjoy watching video instead of reading. We understand the importance of video platforms like YouTube and use them on a regular basis to increase visibility and brand loyalty.
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